Express 2024 and 2025 Information

Hello Everyone!  Wanted to provide some information about the upcoming season for Express.

We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth this year, thanks in a large part to your support and encouragement.  We don’t say this enough, but thank you!  We are very, very excited to restore Maumee Soccer – Express in particular – back to a premier destination for youth soccer players.  We love to win as much as anyone, but our primary focus is on doing it the right way – through a consistent approach focused on development, always maintaining a positive experience, pushing and challenging players both individually and as a team, and ultimately making sure we are fostering a passion for the game.  We also strive to make this FUN – both for the players and the parents.  We love the community feel and cross team support you just cannot get at larger clubs.  You have not been to a soccer party until you have gone to a tournament with Maumee Soccer Club.

Please keep an eye on your email through the end of May – we will be sending invitations as soon as possible after tryouts and with a significant turnout we will need a shorter turnaround that years past.  If you receive and accept an invite to play for Express, a non-refundable $100 deposit will be required per family.  If you have multiple children we will apply the fee equally (2x – $50 towards each, 3x $33.33 towards each, etc) to kids season fees.

Speaking of season fees – the following is all included in your child’s soccer fees:

  • Training: Schedules will be determined by the coach and age group director.  Typically Express teams practice twice a week for 1.5-2 hours (each session) at Rolf Park.  Information on additional training sessions, clinics, camps, and specialty training (goalies, footskills, etc) will be sent to coaches and players as soon as we get it scheduled.
  • League Play: We play in the NWOYSL.  Home games will be at Rolf Park.  Fall is 10 games, Spring is 8.  Away games may involve up to an hour of travel (one way) from Maumee.
  • Tournaments: Every effort will be made to have a tournament in Fall and a tournament in Spring.  One of these will be an “away” tournament that a hotel stay will be necessary.  Club Directors will have final say on tournament selection for all teams.  To the extent possible we will send as many teams as possible to the same tournament, with a goal of one “club” tournament per year.  This is NOT always possible for a variety of reasons.  Tournaments will be selected over the summer once teams are locked in.
  • Winter: We are already in process of setting up winter training.  Our training schedule is subject to space availability, but the goal is at least 90 minutes of training per week through the winter.  Games will be on either the boarded fields at Maumee Soccer Center or on indoor turf fields at one of the Domes in Rossford.   Wherever we can arrange additional training or friendlies with local clubs during winter we will do so, with all locations for those to be determined.

Fees are based on team size and expected costs, to include the following:

  • League Fees
  • Tournament Fees
  • Winter Training and Games
  • Coach and Ref Fees
  • Insurance, Administrative, & Field Maintenance Fees

For 2024-2025 fees will be as follows:

  • 2015 and younger birth years (7v7 Teams): $1,000.00
  • 2014 & 2013 birth years (9v9 Teams): $1,100.00
  • 2012, 2011, and 2010 birth years (11v11 Teams): $1,200.00
  • This does NOT include uniform kits, travel costs, or hotel costs.

DO NOT let the cost stop you from accepting an invitation!  We have an extensive fundraising crew, financial aid, and a lot of flexibility in payment options (up to 10 months!).  NO money (other than the registration fee to secure a roster spot) will be due until AFTER we have done our first fundraiser, the Backyard Bash raffle basket.

What is the Backyard Bash Raffle?  

Back by popular demand!  Last year kids were able to offset almost $9,000 of fees by selling raffle tickets to win a prize valued at over $1,100.  Raffle ticket price is to be determined, last year we did $25 or 2 for $40.

How it works:

  • Club members donate liquor or cash to purchase items.
  • The club itself donates a Solo Stove and the Foundation is picking up a fancy high end cooler.
  • Players will have a couple of weeks post tryouts to sell raffle tickets (Ashley and the Foundation will send out detailed instructions).
  • Winner will be drawn over the summer (targeting prior to July 4th).
  • Proceeds from the raffle will be distributed towards players fees or as refund to anyone who pays in full prior to drawing.

AFTER the raffle and proceeds are applied to balances, anyone in need of financial aid or setting up payment plans will contact Josh.

Volunteering for club fundraising activities will also be used to offset some fees.

We look forward to seeing you on the sidelines and your child on the pitch this season!

Maumee Soccer Club

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